🚀 [SEKER] Tempered Aggression [AU-EU] Low-Sec Focused PVP

Tempered Aggression is a vibrant tapestry of PvP aficionados and industrial virtuosos. We champion a culture steeped in camaraderie, unwavering commitment, and a sportsmanlike spirit—both in supporting our allies and engaging our opponents. Toxicity finds no refuge here; we’re united in fostering a positive impact on EVE’s universe.

Tracing our roots back almost two decades, we’ve transitioned from spirited teens to ‘boomer dad-bros,’ adeptly balancing family life and careers. EVE Online remains our chosen realm to reconvene and revel in the excitement of internet spaceship pew-pew.

Strategically nestled in Low-Sec, our locale spans the Amarr / Minmatar FW Warzone alongside the wider Amarr low-sec, extending out to the bustling hub of Ahbazon and Vecamia. Our PvP palette encompasses piracy, gate-camping, solo, small and medium gang action alongside Black Ops. We’re soft-aligned towards Amarr, having been disappointed with Angel Cartel pew situation (FarmVille).

We’re focused on late AU into EU timezone, but the wider alliance covers later EU and into US timezones.

We’re seeking aspiring and experienced combat focused pilots alongside Industry moguls that are eager to undock for pew. There are plenty of opportunities for players who want to help shape the Corporation and Alliance going forward. Specifically we are very interested in talking to AU timezones pilots, or pilots who are available during AU primetime regardless of location.

  • [ PVP ] Solo / Small-Med Gang / Black Ops / Gate-Camping
  • [ Location ] Amarr Low-Sec
  • [ Requirement ] 26 Million SP minimum
  • [ Requirement ] Some PVP experience
  • [ Requirement ] Omega Account
  • [ Requirement ] Headset
  • [ Bonus Points ] 60+ Million SP
  • [ Bonus Points ] Multi-boxing
  • [ Timezones ] AU-EU Corporation focus
  • [ Timezones ] EU-US Alliance covers
  • Mature non-toxic group
  • Real life first, dad-bro’s

If this sounds like fun, then feel free to join our Discord Server and say hello or talk to us about recruitment. Applications require auth and background checks. If you don’t meet these requirements or are a newer player, talk to us about our new-bro alliance.

We’re looking to grow our AU and early EU PVP pilots. If you’re interested in a range of PVP activities from low-sec, living a pirate lifestyle, then drop by our Discord for a chat.

We’re seeking AU-EU and US time zoned pvp pilots. We’re happy to help support returning players or pilots looking to change their career paths. We’re low-sec focused and positioned to make the most of the current Amarr / Matar war zone alongside the upcoming Angel Cartel / Deathless content.

We are looking to broaden our AU pvp pilot roster, further adding to our core small-medium gang numbers in this time zone. Pilots with an interest in blops and capital experience also welcome.

If you’re interested in the Angel Cartel and the Deathless content coming with Havoc, and are looking for a new home come and say hello. :sunglasses:

Lot’s of returning players atm, great to see. If you’re looking for an AU-EU home - interested in the new content coming with Havoc, then stop by our Discord for a chat. :saluting_face:

We’re looking for AU-EU and early US TZ pilots interested in joining in on the new Pirate Faction Warfare coming with Havoc next week. If you’re interested in solo, small and medium gang PVP then come and say hello on our Discord or drop by our in-game Public Channel ‘Seker-Pub’. We’re keen to connect with both experienced PVP players, current or returning. Happy to also bring people on, and help them learn PVP.

Looking for AU-EU, and US TZ, PVP and Industry pilots. Alongside being a neutral pirate group, we also have been enjoying the new Pirate Faction warfare, being enlisted with Angel Cartel.

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We’re currently very interested in talking with AU and Early EU timezones pilots. We also on the look out for aspiring JFC or FC’s active in these timezones.

We’re looking for late AU and EU PvP pilots, low sec pew pew!

We’re seeking to grow our community of AU-EU PvP pilots. If you’re interested in low-sec shenanigans, and like flying T3C’s come and say hello.


Well hello there!

Looking for additional AU and EU PvP pilots. Drop me a message or join our discord for a chat.

Saturday bump!

Still looking for low-sec focused PVP pilots across AU and EU time zones.


Seeking AU-EU time-zoned PVP pilots. Aspiring Fleet Commanders and T3C lovers :heart:

Join us shoot things :slight_smile: