3 days left until the end of the auction

Prices are much better than before glad you listened to reason…

“Curse BPO 420bil”

I’m assuming this is because I wanted the curse bpo? lol

To provide some context on the sellers’ motivation, he didn’t build this collection but looted it. I have to say I am still a bit let down by the fact that I did not get to the can first, I think I would have done a much better job at selling these…

He thinks i’m a huckster who’s trying to screw him over on deals. Had a long chat with him yesterday. Time is the best teacher in T2 bpo trading so ill reach out in a month.

Retracting all my offers for now.

Heh, wait a year. I am surprised he is this new to trading high value items, but then again there is probably a lot going missing after whichever translation software he uses.

I will also be waiting patiently :slight_smile:

I like how he’s put a bunch of auctions up a Jita and not a single soul as bid on any of them

So, I tell you what fair market value on mining crystal prints are, and you double it.
Well, I hope someone else pays that price, so you can double my net worth.

-All bids retracted-

You reach out to me when you want to actually make a deal.

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good, but it’s easier for me to produce them myself, since they are very profitable. compared to your price

2 days left until the end of the auction

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nope - minimum 500bil

good luck

and you

Has anything sold yet?

I would like to buy


check contracts in game

1 days left until the end of the auction

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15 hours before the end of the auction