SELL your unused/unwanted corporation

Got an old alt corp you don’t use?
Tired of running your hi-sec corporation and want to abscond, responsibility-free?

Convert it to ISK.

I’ll assess the value of your corporation and make a reasonable offer. My goal is to make it as hassle-free for you as possible. I’m looking for groups with active or inactive membership, corporations with citadels and POSes in certain areas and of course, corporations with awesome names. :sunglasses:

How it works:

  1. You’ll send an in-game message to Crep Arthie asking about the corp sale service
  2. We’ll schedule a time to chat about your corporation and further discuss the process
  3. After the assessment period, we will trade shares in the corporation for the agreed-upon amount of ISK. It’s that easy.

IMPORTANT: Your corporation cannot be in an alliance. If so, you’re free to begin talking with me, but you must leave the alliance before receiving a final valuation and handover.

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