WTS 2 Corporations - Returning after 6 years

So I have returned after 6 years of a vacation from Eve and with that I want to start over with a blank slate(selling all assets and looking for a new corp and starting over minus the skill loss)

The 2 corporations that I have have decent names and thought someone may want to take advantage of em.

Molden Outlaws (was based in molden heath)
Executive Innovations (pve corporation)

No idea what the buying rate for corps are so just message me in game @ Thorasine

Thank you guys!

Oh and Corporation has 0 Balance 0 Assets

Going rate is 1 million isk, as that is how much it costs to make a corp.

Not really worth it imo.

Contact Me

Are there any good guides on how to do this and what the ongoing costs are? if so pleas e-mail me


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