Selling 10m Exhumers character

no killing rights
just npc employment history
V skill exhumer
all t2 mining crystals can use
currently in Jita-IV

let’s start at 6b

7b isk ready


9.2b buyout. No one wants?

7.2 bil

7.5b offer

Bump! 8.5b buyout

I can do 8 Bill

bump! The highest price is 8b now, if no one keep adding money, it ends within 2 days. o/

8.5b B/O please post from character to verify ownership.

Sure, send me the account, so I can transfer.

Sure, send me the account, so I can transfer character, You can just transfer money to “Soma Hakomairos” this character.

Hello. You have to log out of the forums, then log back in under Ayanami Shaishi. If you could do that then I will gladly send the isk to your main account Soma Hakomairos.


Please, wait for 3 hours later. I have class now, sorry for that

No problem. I am in-game if you want to message me when you are available.

Isk sent to Ayanami Shaishi.

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