Selling 16.6 mil rorqual pilot

(gelidra Naari) #1

Looking to sell my Rorqual investment,

Please take note of the 16 hours left on capital industrial V (from the time of this post)

Character can also use the infamous invunerability core

I am looking for the biggest offer possible, not interested in extract offers

Character is currently in npc corp, left 10 mins ago, may take a little to update,

(Eat This) #2

Give you 15 B/O

Please confirm if you agree
ISK are ready to be sent right now


(gelidra Naari) #3

I will take 15b if no other offers, i get home by 3:30 pm eve time

(Eat This) #4

I will be able to confirm it only at 5:30 EvE Time. If you can confirm it earlier i will appreciate

(SmithDogg) #5

I have sent you an email

(gelidra Naari) #6

Guys i will not be able to trade today for the following reasons-
No option to choose plex as a payment method :frowning:

(gelidra Naari) #7

update, apparently if i have enough plex in my vault i can mail a gm to transfer the character for me

(SmithDogg) #8

The agreement is still valid. If you want to start, please send me an email in the game

(gelidra Naari) #9

at an agreed price of 16b I will be selling this toon to smithdogg, under the aggreement that I will contact a gm to transfer this toon using the plex in my vault.

(SmithDogg) #10

ISK and accounts have been sent

(gelidra Naari) #11

received, initiating gm response for transfer snip Private communications between GM and players should not be posted on the forum. snip

(Eat This) #12

Lol. I could give 17b

(gelidra Naari) #13

sorry id already formalised a deal with smithdogg

(SmithDogg) #14

Have received.