Selling 24 m sp battleship toon (b.o 15 bil)

Location: Unel
Positive wallet and security status
No jump clones or kill rights

Gallente Battlecruiser and Battleship V

B/o 15 bil isk

i’ll give you 15b

ok, send me isk and info

pming you ingame

isk and info sent

Are they still on sale

I sent the isk and the info and he said got it, but he hasnt posted back and im a bit worried that there is no update

He’s probably transferred the ISK into a numbered bank account in the Cayman Islands by now. Sitting on the beach, drinking Seven Mile Breezes…

xD prob went to sleep or something

I live in the Cayman islands and I can confirm that there are lots of RMT’ers here

the price is to good this is a scam

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yeah it seems so, i filled a petition

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