Selling 41.7m nullsec pilot-nid/widow/tengu


(Drakon Rin) #1

Minimum - 32B (32.65B extractor cost and 5 mil stub of character)

Best offer Wins the pot

pilot in H-sec
pos sec status
pos wallet status
I pay transfer cost

(Michele Kalkoken) #2


(Drakon Rin) #3

will leave it up for 6hrs if nothing else pops up its yours m8

(Rheiweth Niminen) #4

33B for him

(Drakon Rin) #5

yehp you are now in the lead champ I will say another 1.5 hrs left until sell as I am getting impatient he he I don’t like the wait :slight_smile:

(TypingTot) #6

how much is that in real USD?

(Drakon Rin) #7

no idea

(TypingTot) #8

If you can get me an estimate I might buy. I like the name and avatar, as well as the skills :smiley:

(Drakon Rin) #9

Alright I will see what I can do :slight_smile:

(Mdm Curie) #10

33.5 b

(Rheiweth Niminen) #11

bid 34B

(Drakon Rin) #12

Rheweth is still in the lead you have it now reducing to 30mins :slight_smile: better get ready to send the isk and deets

(Drakon Rin) #13

T-10 mins, last chance if not the winner is Rheiweth with 34B

(Drakon Rin) #14

ding ding bids is now closed, reiweth is the winner, if you would like to send the isk and your account to Drakon RIn we can get this finalised

(Rheiweth Niminen) #15

the info and isk has been sent


(Drakon Rin) #16

info and isk received starting transfer

(Drakon Rin) #17

And transfer has started, pleasure doing business treat him well, my first toon

(Drakon Rin) #18

btw mate

(Drakon Rin) #19

I fcked up

(Drakon Rin) #20

ddint transfer isk