Selling 46 mil logi / blockade runnner / exploration pilot

Looking to sell my alt.

Main uses:
Capable Logistics pilot
Capable Blockade Runner pilot
Capable Exploration Pilot

Amarr Frigate / Cruiser / Battlecruiser 5
Caldari Frigate / Cruiser / Battlecruiser 5
Minmatar Frigate / Cruiser / Battlecruiser 5
Logistic Cruisers 5
Minmatar Industrial 5
Mining Barge 5
Shield Emission 5
Archeology / Hacking / Astrometric 5
Salvaging 5

Excellent as an exploration, logi and hauling alt.

In an NPC corp.
Positive wallet balance.
No kill rights.
Jump clone in Jita.
Location: Paara (2 jumps from Jita)

250k of unallocated XP

Opening Bid: 30 bil
Buyout at 45 bil

30b bid

31 bil

Thank you for the bids so far. I will keep it going a little while longer until I make a decision.


35 bil


Thank you for the bids.
I will close up at the 24 hour mark (roughly 2 hours from this post).

Happy bidding.

I accept your bid.
Please message me your account and transfer the funds.

@Ilyane_Harper he’s not going to pay… watch

I can now send 34bil for this

Accepted. Please message me with your account and transfer the funds.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thanks!

Please don’t insult me.

It’s been you who’ve been targeting me

I will start te transfer when I get off from work on a few hours. Thank you for your patience.

Ok,Thank you

Money received, the transfer has started.

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