Sold :)

(Aloyia) #1

EveBoard -

Unfortunately don’t fly with this pilot any more, therefore happy for her to go on some fresh adventures with someone new.

  • Pilot currently located in Jita,

  • Good Missile/Drone/Shield skills

  • 2 Remaps Available

  • Will cover the transfer cost

Opening bid 42b

Buy Out 48b

(Streitwartt) #2


(TxivYawg1) #3


(Streitwartt) #4


(TxivYawg1) #5


(Aloyia) #6

Thanks for the bids so far. I will keep it running for now.

(Aloyia) #7

Eve Appraiser estimated Value of 49,000,000,000, See below:

(TxivYawg1) #8

lmao, well then good luck to you… i’ll give you 1 billion for free if you legitly can sell that for 49bil… hahahhaa consider my last bid retracted and no longer valid because i’ll be buying a different pilot

(Aloyia) #9

I didn’t say I expected 49 billion, just what the site said it was worth, hence I started at 42 and the buyout is below that valuation :wink:

Thank you for the bump and Good luck with your other choice pilot :slight_smile:

(Streitwartt) #10

Its like a used car. You wont get your estimated price :wink:

(Maizie Fields) #11

41 bil

(Aloyia) #12

thanks for the bids so far, will keep it running until 21:00 uk time tomorrow (30th August) :slight_smile:

(Gattanera) #13

Hello there! I can offer 42b

(sunlui) #14


(Gattanera) #15


(sunlui) #16


(Aloyia) #17

Thank you all for bidding, the sale will end in 30 mins and charactor will be sold :slight_smile:

(Aloyia) #18

Sold to Sunlui for 44 bil, please check your ingame mail.

Will initiate transfer once isk and account name have been received.

(sunlui) #19

Isk/details sent

(Aloyia) #20

Transfer completed