Selling 51.5M SP Indy, JF, Standings, Trader


I would like to sell myself Me

NPC corp - No Killrights - Positive wallet - Located in Jita 4-4

+4 Learning imps for int/mem/per/will


Jump freighters
All racial cruisers V
Trade skills V ( for setting and sales)
PI Maxed (CCU/Planets)
Industrial Command Ships V
Mining boosts Maxed
Maxed scanning skills
Cynosural Field Theory V
Small/med/large drones V

Rorqual ready in 13H

Has Research agents available to lvl 4
with Carthum Conglomerate 4 agents actively researching.

Caldari state: 2.67
Amarr Empire: 2.6
Caldari Navy: 7.27

Dont bother with extraction values please.

Have a figure in my head of around 40B~

considering the values, no implants, i think 36b is a more realistioc value. I offer that valid today

Hey man

thanks for your evaluation, ill take note of the bid but would like to keep it up for a day or two to see if there are any other bids.

is this ok with you?

That is my offer, but i evaluate the value in 32b extraction, 3b 5min initial, no implants, the standings are ok but at nivel corp , and i am currently needing a cruiser minmatar char. Then the value i eseem is 35, i offer a bit uppo

I can wait if nobody sell other charcter interesting to me, no much capital. Is the reason my offer is good today. My advice, if someone offer you more than 36, take it =)

If he retracts, i can offer the same 36b too.

happy to accept if your still interested man, let me know or ill pass the sale onto Gerglsh Khan

isk and account sent. Please update teh thread when you do the transfer.


Isk and account info recieved

Transfer initiated.

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