Selling Blood Raiders & Guristas Capital BPCs

(Yaolan) #1


  • Komodo - SOLD OUT
  • Loggerhead - SOLD OUT
  • Caiman - SOLD OUT

Blood Raiders

  • Molok - SOLD OUT
  • Dagon - SOLD OUT
  • Chemosh - SOLD OUT

All BPCs are located in highsec in a non-kickout NPC station close to Jita. Sales via private contract only. Offers are open to negotiation via in-game mail or by contacting Yaolan #5834 on Discord. If you are on the lookout for a specific BPC, contact me via one of the methods listed above and I’ll notify you when I find one.

(Yaolan) #2


(Yaolan) #3


(Yaolan) #4

One Komodo sold; availability updated.

(Yaolan) #5

Another Komodo sold; one left.
Loggerhead also sold.

(Yaolan) #6


(Yaolan) #7

Everything sold; I’ll update this post when I get my hands on more BPCs.

(system) #8

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