hello guys&galls,

Im Punzsa,

Iam a blackopps pilot with many other exiting options:Legion/curse/orca/guardian/nestor/
perfect alt for a wormhole
Caldari BS lvl5 Blops lvl4
cyno5 DST&blockade runner

Punzsa Subzero Skill & Standings Sheet (
realistic offers will always get good replie im in amarr in npc corp also i have 89skins couple of really nice but not valueble…
wallet is pos
im located in anka lowsec bordering a HS i can be in amarr if buyer requests
no clones

12b offer

I can do 14 today only

make it 15 and u have a deal

ty for the offer but the buyout is allready a steal :slight_smile:

16Bill B/O

hi i accept ur offer plz contact me ingame for the details after we can finalize here

character is reserved for SoulofSteel by my request we will transfer in 24hrs

Isk sent

Isk received starting transfer 4-12-2023 15:00 EU-TZ

Transfer cancelled deu to isseu with my acount i have returned all the isk back to SoulofSteel,

Iskies are with me at the moment, process is frozen until Punzsa can transfer char. My offer stands untill other noted here

18b b/o

My offer is no longer valid, best of Luck in selling it to the other bidder.

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