Selling carrier/ishtar/proteus pilot! 22m sp, great money maker!

I used to use this pilot to rat and run 10/10’s with smart bombing proteus using this fit: .

character board:

password is abc123

Looking for at least around 20 billion.

Will accept 25 billion for immediate buy out.

Drone Interfacing V
Drone Navigation V
Drone Sharpshooting V
Light Drone Operation V
Medium Drone Operation V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Light Fighters IV
Fighters IV
Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Propulsion Systems V
Gallente Offensive Systems V
Gallente Engineering Systems V
Gallente Defensive Systems V
Gallente Carrier IV
Jump Drive Operation V


16.5 b

17 bil

17.5 Bil


18 bil

20 billion buy out


Also 20 billion isn’t my buy out, it was around the minimum I was hoping to get. I updated the post with a real buy out number. If you want to buy out right now my price is 25 billion. Otherwise I’ll let this go for a day or so more and then close with whoever has the highest bid.

20.5 billion b/o

I will do buyout at 25bil

Buyout Accepted, Ayil JR Szenn Please send money and msg me account for transfer.

i’ll buyout if above falls through

I will send it as soon as I get my lunch hour

isk and account name sent

I don’t see an eve mail or anything with the account name, how did you send it? Can you send it in an eve mail? Will start transfer as soon as I get the account name.

I have resent it.

Transfer done. Let me know if anything goes wrong.

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