Sold, Sold

I am for sale. I’m strong Ishtar/Proteus pilot with strong drone skills (6.7mill Sp). I also love to fly Astero, as I have good scanning/relic skills.

Key features:

  1. 34.5 Mill Sp’s
  2. 130k of unallocated Sp’s
  3. 1 attribute remap available
  4. positive security status, wallet and no kill rights
  5. 2 clones, both with implants/hardwirings (Jita & Sobaseki)

Check me out:

Offers are welcome, immediate buyout is at 32B

27 bil

28 bil







Ronni Ormand, your offer is accepted. Send ISK and account info and I will start transfer immediately.

isk and account name sent

Received, transfer in progress.

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