[SOLD] WTS 41.5m SP Proteus pilot

Positive wallet balance
No kill rights
No jump clones
Character located in Jita4-4 station
Positive sec status


Pass is 1234

Starting bid is 40b

Edit: Retracted I found a character I am more interested in

Thank you for the offer. I’m curious to see if I get anything higher but will be willing to sell for this if no other offers come forward.

25bil here

Too low.

40bil BUYOUT, only available for today ( I might retract the offer if I find something else in the meantime ). Also, please confirm if the character has decent standings with all the four empires, as the “Standings” tab is not accessible on your eveskillboard. By “decent” I mean better than -5, so the character won’t be shot by the faction police due to having terrible standings

Waiting for your reply. If you accept the buyout offer and the character has decent standings, I’m ready to send the ISK and details for the transfer today.

Sorry, not sure how that one happened. Updated the ESI for the skillboard to prove standings are fine:


Offer accepted.

Perfect, sending the isk and details in 5 mins, just updating the eve client :slight_smile:

Done, ISK + details sent. Waiting for you to initiate the transfer

Isk received and transfer initiated.

It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. o7

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