WTS 49Mill SP Paladin , Covert Cyno, Legion, Proteus

All ccp rules apply,

located in Jita
wallet balance positive
member of npc corp
no kill rights
0.0 Security Status
skillpoints : Minerva Cattus SP

Starting Big 30 Bil

at best, i’ll offer 25bil

thanks for your offer, but in the worst case I stay where I am :wink:

il go 30b

I would offer, but it seems skillboard is down right now?

I’ve checked the setup and everything seems to be fine. I will wait, I hope it can work for you today

32 Bil

Thank you all for your offers. I understand that to be an offer, it would be correct to set a time limit, since my goal was to exceed 30 B. Now in my country it is 4:30 p.m. on 10/30/22, I close the highest price in 24 hours. Deadline 4:30 p.m. tomorrow 10/31/2022. Good luck to all and thank you very much.

Come on guys, in 8 hours I close the sale with whatever. They take it off my hands :smile:


Deadline closed and if there are no incidents sale closed in 32.1B.

Please let me know when you understand how to transfer the character and when you are ready to do it. Once you do I will send the isk.

Isk and account info sent. Please confirm that you received the isk and you have started the transfer.

Transfer received, all correct. Start process with CCP. A pleasure doing business with you

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Raynor Aileron I’m having problems, I need your account name. Apparently this is the character name.

I sent you the account information again in another in-game mail. Please take a look.

now yes, all set. Enjoy it. :grinning:

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