(SOLD) 64 Mil SP Nyx Pilot / Most Subcaps / Carriers


Procyon Alcyone

Sec Status on skillboard is INCORRECT, check ingame

Doctrine Nyx Skills
Fly Most Combat Subs
Fly Amarr and Gallente Carriers
Dreads w/ guns skills
Nyx Caille Neon Skin
87 Skins including Capital Skins

Black Legion corp history
Positive Wallet
Positive Security Status 0.5 (Check ingame skillboard is incorrect)
No Kill Rights
Born 2015
High Grade + 4 Implants set
Located in Jita

Bidding Starts at 35 Bil
Buyout 45 Bil

offering 35Bil

Thank you for your offer, I will wait and see if there are any higher bids.

40B ISK ready now

Your offer is much appreciated, I will wait a little while to allow for any other bidders.

I don’t like waiting. How about 45B Buyout?

41B 现在可以交易,41B offer

Buyout accepted, let me work out a couple of things with my corp and he’s yours.

How long will it take? I can transfer Isk to you at any time

@Ack1 It shouldn’t take any more than a day, though it may be a lot shorter depending on circumstances. Are you cool with this?

No problem, I can transfer isk to you now and send you my account information, so that you can transfer character at any time after you finish everything, is that ok with you?

Sounds great. Please mail your account name to me in game. (case sensitive)

Send the ISK to “Procyon Alcyone” or the character being sold when your ready

ISZ has been sent and the recipient account name has been sent to you within the game by mail. Please confirm.

ISK Amount Agreed Upon Has been transferred.
As promised character transfer will be initiated within 24 hours of this post.

Transfer Initiated.
Confirm please.

Confirm that the character transfer email has been received

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