WTS nice PvE Ishtar/Proteus/Kronos pilot

Positive Wallet
Positive SS
Ready in Jita 4-4/NPC corp.

Gallente Frigate V
Gallente Destroyer V
Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Battleship V
Gallente Hauler V
Proteus subsystems all V

Light | Medium | Heavy Drone Operation V
Drone Interfacing V
Medium and Large Hybrid Guns V

Good Engineering and Shield skills

Starting Bid: 18B
B/O: 20B

I’ll give you 15b

No thanks

one bump

Opening Bid of 18 B.

Send ISK and Acc info

@Blood_Annex - I will be home from work in 1 hour from now. I will send isk and account information.

Cheers! o7

ISK and Account Information Sent.

Accepted. I’m starting the transfer

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Transfer has been completed, thank you!

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