Selling Logi pilot (Oni) 5m SP ( Cheap)

Hi, i am selling my Oneiros logi pilot
Positive sec and wallet status
eve skillboard:
1 remap available

Starting bid is 2.5 B
B/O is 3.5 B

3 b offer

3.25b bo

3.5 buy out

if you are still interested then sold. send isk and acc info .

I was away from eve the past couple of weeks . This Character is up for sale again.

I can offer you 3.4b, i am in work, can sent in an hour or two.

offer accepted . send isk and acc info. i can initiate transfer tonight.

Ok i sent in 30 minutes aprox. I edit this message when done.

Isk and account sent, please answer when the transfer begin.

The token to your eveskillboard was revoked and i see you try to sell the character in an non CCP site.

Please report.

Pilot don received yet , one day passed, i assume was a scam because :

  • pilot dont change accounts in game (you can see transferred here)
  • A day was passed, at the last time the seller can write, then he dont do, probably dont want do.
  • Seeking the name i find evidence of attempts to break the CCP rules.

In an hour i put a ticket askng for reimbursment.

Edit : filled ticket Support Request #1396714

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