Selling miner and ore processing char 21,6 m sp

Selling this miner and resource processing char Elisabeth_Neumann
really nice resource processing skills
she’s in a neut corp (if not shown she will be soon)
Isk positive
In Jita

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Once updated to NPC corp and I can still see the SP is at 23,604,471 SP+

19bil B/O

19.1 b offer

Bumpidy bump

bumpidy bump

Bumpidy bump

19;5 bill

bumpidy bump

Can it fly an orca?

Go to their skillboard. Click on ships. Scroll down to industrial command ship and you can see.

Any ship with a white haze they cannot fly. If you click on it, it will show how long it will take to train with their current attributes

20b B/O

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