Selling subcap GOD, 187m +4.8m unallocated

(Ben Li) #1

Selling this character.

I have quite a history and a lot of good players in eve know of me, I don’t know if good name, dankest freighter dunks and elite killboard mean anything but if they do they only add value. 187 million skillpoints almost exclusively in subcaps (with the exception of shit that you need to steal caps basically).
Also 4.8m unallocated.

No poors.

Clones(not counting 3% hardwirings or lower):
Basic -char +zors hyper
Standard + char basic
Full HG snake set, SM-705, zors hyper, SS-905, LP-1005
Full HG slave set, MR-705, MH-805, SS-905, HG-1005
Basic -char
CA-1, CA-2, Zors hyper, basic mem and wp

Offers above 180 bil will be considered.

Should I make a reddit post like Globby did?
It’s been a long time PV Rock, a year has passed now.

(Dom Arkaral) #2

all hail the king


(Ben Li) #3


(Swan Sai) #4

160b :slight_smile:

(Ben Li) #5

Or I can extract and get 170b

(Swan Sai) #6


(Ben Li) #8

Bumping at the appropriate time when people check forums :slight_smile:

(Ben Li) #10

Ironically I made your character and sold it to you almost 2 years ago. I’m Arya Regnar. Mods pls chill because I did two posts in a day I don’t know how to quote on edited post on these stupid new forums. I tried to use old forums and even got a 195b bid but you locked the thread. :weary:

(Zisa) #11

170 bil ready now

(Ben Li) #12

Character has value, extraction would give me 168b, to train such a character it would cost upwards of 400 billions. Find me 2 characters in eve that have subcap pvp skills this good…

(Bonnie vonWimKok) #13

In-game offer of 199 bil agreed - please confirm?

(Ben Li) #14

confirming, will conclude trade later on as agreed upon

(Ben Li) #15

You can send isk now I will start transfer when I am done sorting notes evemails contacts and assets.
I need you to confirm that you are aware of my kills today before sending isk though.

(Bonnie vonWimKok) #16

Agreed amount of 199,000,000,000 (199 billion) isk sent.

Kills noted in-game.

(Bonnie vonWimKok) #17

isk and account name sent via eve mail

(Ben Li) #18

please resend the account name

(Bonnie vonWimKok) #19

account name resent via eve mail

(Ben Li) #20

There seems to be a problem with plex payment method for character transfers, I have submitted a ticket and requested a manual transfer. If the GMs are unable to help me with the issue and I do not have the issue resolved I will send you your isk back.

I am not paying 20€ for this.

(Ben Li) #21

no response from ticket yet, according to my past dealings with ccp you might wait a while

(Bonnie vonWimKok) #22

I have received the character.