Selling two PI alts with +5 learning implants/SP Farmers

Condensing accounts and selling off some characters.

(They’re both in rookie corps but it may not have updated yet)

Korla Trem - EB

Cetria Trem - EB Recently extracted, sitting just below 5.5m SP.

Both have PI skills enough for five planets as well as full sets of +5 implants and the options to create a blank clone elsewhere.

Both have positive wallets,a remap, no kill rights, limited corp history, located in Jita 4/4 and the transfer fee will be paid by me.

Fixed price of 4.5 bill each.

ISK to go to whichever character your paying for.

Feel free to post lower offers, it will help keep the thread near the top.

Confirming that I’m also for sale.

Lots of wasted/worthless SP. A PI alt should have about 1million SP max. I’d give you 4.5 for the pair.

“Feel free to post lower offers, it will help keep the thread near the top.”


mhmm does characters doesnt have good sp the pi skills are not worth it not even extracting points ill give you 6bill for both

I’ll accept 8 for both, no less.

come on work with me brother 6.5?

No thanks.


Still a no.

“I’ll accept 8 for both, no less.”

7.5? all i got touch your heatch

One last time.

““I’ll accept 8 for both, no less.””

7.9:))))))) please

Still no :stuck_out_tongue:

ok 8bill


4bill to each and eve mail the account name(s).

I’ll login them both now

isk send

aacount send and isk <3


Both Korla Trem and Cetria Trem have been transfered.