Send Nu... Dudes i mean

Join the Send Dudes Alliance!

Are you a pilot looking for a new adventure? Do you want to be part of an organized and social alliance that values camaraderie and success? Look no further! The Send Dudes Alliance is actively recruiting social pilots who are ready to join our ranks and make their mark in New Eden.

Who We Are:

We are a Guristas-allied alliance, known for our prowess in small gang warfare and our ability to generate significant ISK. With a presence in both EU and USA timezones, we ensure that there’s always someone to fly with and activities to participate in.

What We Offer:

  • Active Discord Community: Our alliance thrives on communication and teamwork. Discord is not just a tool for us; it’s our lifeline. Joining our Discord is a must!
  • Small Gang PvP: Enjoy the thrill of small gang operations where every pilot’s skill matters.
  • Great ISK Making Opportunities: Our operations and alliances provide lucrative ISK-making ventures.
  • Organized Structure: We have a well-structured approach to operations, ensuring that everyone knows their role and contributes to our collective success.
  • Timezone Coverage: With active members in both the EU and USA, you’ll always find someone to fly with.
  • Training and Self-Sufficiency: We provide training where needed and teach our pilots to be self-sufficient, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge to thrive in New Eden.

Why Join Us?

Our alliance is more than just a group of pilots; we are a family. We believe in supporting each other, flying together, and achieving greatness. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new pilot looking to learn the ropes, we have a place for you.

For more detailed stats and recent kills, check us out on Zkillboard and see the impact we’re making in the galaxy.

How to Join:

Interested? Reach out to us in-game or join our recruitment channel on Discord. Contact thephantomnl on Discord for more information.

We look forward to flying with you!

Fly Safe,
Send Dudes Alliance

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