Send Dudes!


Just a small family of pilots, and would love to grow our family a bit bigger.
We are mainly PVPers that use PVE for isk making.

The reason we want to grow now and search for like minded corperations:

  • Our Core base has been established.
  • Our out of game and discord infrastructure has been developed and ready to be shared
  • Our FCs are itching to have a few more pilots in their fleets.
  • Our jokes have run out on each other, we need new influx of jokes XD.

What we offer:

  • Non-wardecabble,
  • PVP where ever you want
  • Relaxed pilots (99% drama free)
  • Exp Vets
  • Learning and growing options for everyone.
  • Isk making, and assistance in isk making
  • Vet and Newbie friendly.

What we expect:

  • Discord use of alliance Discord.
  • Decent respect for your alliance members and enemy`s
  • Activity.
  • And NO you dont need to move to Anywhere, we travel the Systems pretty efficient.

How to get in contact with us?
ingame channel: Send Dudes


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I condone this product and/or service.

Dont eat yellow snow :slight_smile:


I like your advert very much. I am looking for some grout to join, the main reason I am ashamed to admit it, I am ISK broke.

I like that you are not war declarable, no one bothers with that, which is problem for me.
But I would like to ask, in what kind of space do you operate, lowsec, nullsec, and roughly what region.

What are the ISK making opportunities, mining? ratting? something else?

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Bumpy bump! Nice corp though! Would recommend!


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