Sensor Overlay Options - deactivate Blue Dots around the HUD only


a simple Option that is missing and would be a crucial benefit (especially performance benefit if you have some hundred Bookmarks in your Staging System) is the deactivation of the Blue Dots around the Hud.

Yes, you can either deactivate the Sensor Overlay completely, which makes the Bookmarks In-Space dissapear but the Blue Dots still remain visible, or you can furthermore deactivate the Blue Dots + on Grid Bookmarks via deselecting the Personal Locations in the Sensor Overlay Menu.

There is no way right now to only have the Bookmarks shown in space, but getting rid of the Blue Dots seperately.

In our Staging (and sure other PVP Pilots in other Busy Staging Systems) every PVP Pilot has hundreds of Bookmarks, mostly positioned around the Gates.

It sure is not a common thing to have hundreds of Bookmarks in ONE System but the majority of our PVP Pilots have them and we use them every day, and the simple Option to get rid of all the HUD Markers seperately, would improve the Performance a lot.
Only by having the Blue Dots around the HUD shown without any Bookmarks being displayed in Space the Blue Dots Calculation with every panning of the Camera, takes a huge Performance Impact.

We PVP Pilots don´t need the Markers, we are no Explorers, nor do we need to know where our Blue Dots are positioned. It is totally useless for our daily PVP Parties but it sucks up our Performance.

The manual deactivation via people and places folders is not an Option, we need our Tacticals to warp to the enemy and position ourselves in Seconds. There is also no Performance Improvement in any way by putting them in Folders and it is the simple massive “useless” calculation of BLUE DOTS around a HUD that has ZERO Informational Benefit for PVP.

Please give us the OPTION, either via the Sensor Overlay or in the Game Menu Options to have the HUD Markers disabled completely, without touching the visibility of Bookmarks in Space.

If there is another way to fix the problem (besides telling us to reduce the Bookmarks down by 90%) than i would be happy to read it.

It is a simple option and hopefully the CSM can attach that QOL Improvement for PVP Pilots in the near future…thanks.

Attached are two Pictures to demonstrate the Performance Impact.
There are about 500Bookmarks in the System. It makes no difference where you are in the System, the negative Performance Impact is everywhere even with zero Bookmarks shown on the actual Grid.

I have an AMD 2700X 8C/16T - 16GB DDR4 3200 - 8GB RX580 GPU - M2. 512GB SSD Stick - 40MbitUpload/100MbitDowload and a Ping of 18-21 to the CCP Servers in London. I tested it in Potato Mode, Vsync ON and OFF and HQ Graphics, the Impact is always the same and has nothing to do with Graphic Options.

In the First Screenshot you see nearly no Ships on Grid and just the Blue Dots around the HUD, the Frames are around 90. By disabling them, the FPS shoot up to the 144fps which is the Limit of the Gaming Monitor and VSYNC enabled (pretty sure it would boost higher with Vsync Off and the FPS Loss down to 90 is theremore even higher).

Why do i need to have that Performance Impact just for having all my hundreds of BLUE Dots being shown around my HUD, a function that has Zero Use for PVP Pilots and is nothing more than just annoying ?

We do not need to discuss here if hundreds of Bookmarks are overkill or not, maybe the Bookmark System, which is a very old mechanic in EVE is not build for so many Bookmarks in one System. All i can say is, that the introduction of the HUD Markers came on Top several years after, and the need of having it disabled completely, but leaving the Bookmarks on Grid active, was never thought off.

It only works the other way around, All off, Blue Dots only, or Both ON. But Blue Dots OFF, and OnGrid ON is not available.

Therefore, maybe some other Pilots with hundreds of Bookmarks in one System could test the performance impact on their Computer and provide information how it impacts the overall Performance.

CCP please give us the Option -> DISABLE ALL HUD MARKERS
Thank you.

with best regards
Dimitrios Bekas

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You do realize there is a topic specifically made for QOL changes right? Why not post there?

Let me see if I can TL:DR your post, you want the personal bookmarks to remain on screen, but you want the overlay off?

Hello Jerry Falcone,

thank you for reading through my Explanation.

Yes, i know the QOL Forum by CCP where you can post Ideas and Suggestions, i already posted it in there over a year ago. I contacted CCP UI Support and they advised me to the same QOL Forum and that i could also contact the CSM. And that is what i did.

What “we” would love to have is the option to disable the HUD Markers (aka Blue Dots around your Capacitor) and still be able to see the Personal Bookmarks in Space (on Grid). The Reasons are explained in Detail in my Wall of Text.

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