Bookmark colours


After playing EvE for a few years, there is still one thing that still drives me nuts - flying through a system with dozens of Corp and personal bookmarks and not initially being able to differentiate between which is which because they all have one thing in common - they ALL have blue outer markers.

Just as a suggestion, and more of a visual aid for pilots, why not have personal bookmarks with the blue outer marker we know and love (…), and change the Corp bookmark outer marker to purple, for example? That way, bookmarks are easily visually differentiated whilst flying through space and could be a blessing where you may have a small cluster of Corp BM’s close to a personal tactical point, for example.

Just an idea…


I like it. Ideally, the colors would be user-customizable, but if not I’d go with white for personal, green for corp, and blue for alliance, just like the default overview colors.

+1 for a simple, solid interface idea that could improve gameplay without impacting balance.

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