Colored Bookmark icons in space

so they’re not all blue.
Let us change the color so certain bookmarks stand out.
Maybe on a per-folder basis?

we need some colored bookmarks



If you add your post to the little things thread, it’s more likely to have something done about it. Make sure you format your post correctly.


yes ! would be a good QoL change !

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Yes, nice idea and probably easy to implement. Would improve the game.

Is it really? There are hundreds of good ideas, formatted properly, completely ignored and overlooked.

Very rarely the patch notes contains something that “came from community” and when they do it is not from that thread…

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One of my ideas I posted to that thread was implemented. As of about a year ago, you can now simulate a ship while it’s still packaged. You’re all welcome.

The more simple the idea is, the more likely it will be added. CCP has limited resources, so they have to prioritize.

But yes, there is a dev team specifically tasked to deal with “little things.”

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