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It would be quite useful to have a trash-can of sorts for bookmarks/locations that we delete (remove).

On numerous occasions over time (more often than I’d care to admit) I’ve deleted a bookmark/location only to realize soon afterwards that I still needed that bookmark, I deleted it too hastily, or it was the wrong one to delete.

This issue would be alleviated if there were a trash-can for bookmarks that we delete. It could automatically cleared itself out over a set period of time (perhaps 30 days) or after a set limit of deleted bookmarks (perhaps 50 bookmarks).

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So weird.

I literally just saw the little things thread.

I guess I’ll post this suggestion there, then.

(Dayland Montehouse) #3

Create a bookmark folder and name it “Trash Can” and then drag your old bookmarks there. You can use the normal Shift or CTRL keys to select multiple bookmarks. I use mine all the time to keep our wormhole connections and sites organized and if I happen to move a bookmark by mistake just simply drag it back to the appropriate folder.

(Your Ex-Girlfriend) #4

This and some common sense is all you need. It’s not really that difficult to double check things before you delete them.

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Uh huh.


And you could say these same things about pretty much every UI enhancement CCP has made over the years to make things easier, more intuitive, and improve the QoL of players, and which have made Eve an ever more pleasant game to play (despite the unpleasantness that can be the Eve universe).

In any event thanks for the suggestions. I almost exclusively remove bookmarks from within space itself via the right-click menu, so your suggestion isn’t really going to work for me. As for double-checking every time you do something… are you familiar with human nature?

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