Sent a link that asks for my Eve Login info after being recruited into a corp. Is this safe?

I finally decided to accept one of the recruiting requests after a few weeks of playing. I’m told one of the corp and alliance requirements is that I complete a form on an external site. I was sent a link. The link asks for my Eve Login info. It looks like it has something to do with the Eve API. Is this safe and something I should be doing?

The link: Login - myauth

Thanks in advance.

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It’s good to be wary of links that ask you to provide your password!

In this case the link seems to send you to EVE’s own login url

which is safe.

I don’t know what comes after that (and whether they try to steal your password there :stuck_out_tongue:), but this first login screen is common practice to authenticate you for a corporation’s own IT systems.

It’s like using your google or apple account to authenticate to reddit, or how you can use your steam account to authenticate to EVE; you need to make sure the only place where you fill in your EVE credentials is EVE’s own login URL, which is the case here.

After logging in, you’ll see a screen or should see a screen of what they want from you as far as scopes like
Corp history
Training queue etc.

In this case, the scope is publicData

It’s safe* to give them access to that data, as long as you are willing to let them read that info. My alliance for example can see a lot of things about me from my wallet transaction history to my current system in-game. I trust them to not abuse this information and only to use it to do background checks, which in return means I have less (but not zero) chance of losing ships to corp members who turn out to be spies.

*safe in so far that you don’t lose your account. You wouldn’t want your ingame enemies to see your current location though for obvious reasons, so don’t give ESI access to just anyone to read all sorts of things about your character.

If at any time you want to revoke such access, for example when you leave the corporation or no longer use a tool which required ESI access, you can delete those permissions here:

(Just keep in mind that your corporation may not like it or that you lose access to their communication tools when you revoke your corporation’s access to your ESI scopes.)


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