Is it safe to "LOG IN with EVE Online" on

On there is only one login method - using your EVE account. I guess it’s quite safe though in all other MMOs the account security is of the paramount priority.
Does anyone has any experience with this particular site?
And staying on the same topic, did anyone have security problems with your EVE accounts in general? 'Cause never heard of such problems
Thanks - and fly safe! o7

Does it authenticate you through the official CCP operated web authentication interface or it actually asks you to input your EVE login credentials? Didn’t click the link obviously. Because if the former then it should be as safe as possible (though people might still provide their insight how much they trust it) yet if the latter then it is obviously a phishing site. So it all depends how they want you to sign in to their website. (Btw never heard of the site before.)

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Thank you, Uriel! You know, I feel like I have a personal guardian angel :slight_smile:
It actually uses the CCP authentication, and it’s a veteran 10K members alliance website.
P.S. It’s just that I had RL hacking issues - it was very painful, still deeply paranoid since then.
Thanks a lot - and fly safe! o7

It is actually the site for SICO, Silent Company Alliance and partners. The guys really put in a lot of development and hours into building that community.

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Never heard of that website.

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@Uriel_the_Flame , it’s more like a community, not just a website, it’s actually quite an interesting thing (checked on EveWho and this their website) - see @God_Emperor_Kane reply

Thank you for the feedback on SICO! So as I understand it’s quite ancient, the SICO Alliance?

Not that ancient.

But with all the spam corp invites in starter systems, it certainly made the the largest with amount of people.


Can’t say they have the best reputation in EVE to say the least. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plenty of stuff to read about them on the forums alone so probably worth checking them out in more detail before you make your decision whether to associate yourself with them or not.


But in general I tend to avoid advice from 99% of the people on the forums. As most are just angry people that no longer play the game. Or rarely log in.

Uriel, not being in the 99%.


That’s actually what I would like to avoid - spam corps, one-person corps, two-day corps, etc. Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! Much appreciated - because it all looks nice from the first glance.

Already made (:-1: ), thank you! The nicest corp is yours, though I am also looking for something with established logistics for such jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none like myself to enjoy all different activities in Eden :slight_smile:

@Uriel_the_Flame is the Guardian Angel of Newbies!!

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@God_Emperor_Kane, jeez, I just checked your ZKillboard - please tell me where are you located so I don’t go there:


You have nothing to fear from me. This char is not even two years old yet. Almost half those kills is due to an event that took place where a system that linked Amarr and Caldari space with a few jumps fell to triglavians. Effectively making it like nullsec We just camped to gate and caught people that was not aware of what was happening.

Many kills, billions of isk in loot.

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My corp is not very useful for most people it is just a vacation corp and also can be a suitable place for solo explorers and mission runners but that’s all. I only have it available to join as this way I can share some benefits with others while also not requesting anything in return, thus you can get virtually no tax on NPC bounties and mission payouts and not have to worry about corp schedules, corp ops and such, but we also don’t provide training nor active members, only a few people active in our corp besides me, but that’s what it is meant to be. So yeah it is for a specific niche of players and for them can be useful but that’s all.

As you are still learning the game a proper training corp is preferable for you especially as you get into or at least try out industry and trade so a corp that can support your playstyle and potential future ones is what I’d recommend.


They do need to update their auth.

if they’re using what I think they are, they’re going to have to look at GitHub - fuzzysteve/WordpressSocialLogin-EveSSO: SSO provider for wordpress Social Login or similar.

Or their auth will break at some point after november first.

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So it is at least unsafe from a mental health angle…


New Eden is endless possibilities :smiley: Though it looks like an event worth writing down in detail - with so many ships encountered I don’t doubt there were unforeseen circumstances like in any war :slight_smile:

Thank you, Uriel, for your recommendations! But my real problem is that I like a bit of everything so actually in the future could decide asking you to accept my application just for the sake of zero taxes :smiley:

It would the True Halloween for some :thinking:
I am anyway not fan of using credentials from my other accounts to login - I always create a totally separate account. But here there isn’t such an option.
That’s what got me a bit worried

They won’t have access to account credentials like account name, pass etc. When you use an eve log in, it tells you the scopes they are wanting to see. Example eveskillboard, looks at skill, skillqueue, standings, ships available to fly etc.

Some corps with log in, want to see evemail or wallet to weed out spais. If you don’t agree with scopes that Corp wants, don’t bother with them.

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