Got randomly logged in a someone else on forums?

So not the post I was originally logging on to make, but felt this was a bit strange.
Clicked to log in and it just randomly comes up with a blank portrait and the name zimone (or something similar) with the only option being continue.
Thinking it was some sort of glitch I continued and low and behold it randomly logs me into this account which I promptly log out of and finally get to the usual log in screen (user name and password)

Before anyone asks no this is not a shared computer.

Is this an known issue or an old one not been on here in a while, or have a been treated to the mother of all glitches?

obligatory sorry if this is in the wrong place just was unsure where to post as its not technically technical issues as its to do with forums not the game.

There have been technical issues with forums today.

I’d be concerned and would contact CCP without delay, I do not want to worry you but I’d be running spybot and other scans, your pc may have been hijacked.
create a petition on this one and do it now.

Forums issues ? i’ve not heard of any. but better to be safe than sorry.

yea doing a full scan as we speak but it looked like a random generated account or an account for checking the site from a random person perspective style account

cool, hope all goes well with the scan and it is indeed the forums having a brain fart.

It was like that in EVE one day. I wonder if they utilize some code from launcher for forums. :joy:

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I’ve alerted our web team to take a look at this :slight_smile:

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seem fine fo…OH GOD MY HAIR !!!


So that’s nice, if they capture the login token and break into the EVE accounts. Then we can scream at CCP that we’ve been hacked and lost all our stuff, and they’ll be like “not our fault.”


I was banned which is obviously a glitch.

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