I was hacked. Is there a gm online. I cant even log into it anymore. I cant even read the sapport tickets.
Some one logged online in japan to my account some how. Why do you punish the person who was hacked?

Go here:

and submit a ticket. You can do this just using an email account.

No one will be able to help you here.

How do you know? :thinking:

Someone can just use proxy, like me.

The thing is I don’t even do that

Probably wasn’t hacked. Was probably a hijacked email address that uses a common password across multiple sites, combined with unsecured email client settings.

Phishing, hacking, etc, aren’t the same concepts. Hacking implies that there was some vulnerability in CCP’s login/authentication process.

He wouldnt admit that it was because he used the same password somewhere else. If he have used a public computer and logged on it, someone could have also keylogged his password, some people sell those informations on the net.

You are still able to login to forums, so it’s safe to say that your password hasn’t been changed. Have you checked your email? to see if you have received any requests for changing your password (or email).

To help you prevent these things in the future, you should seriously consider using 2FA (Two Factor Authentication).

And finally this:

If you can’t use the Support Website, then send an email to