Daft Question No 2

I am having problems authorising my Corporation account. How do I contact the administration suggested here??

You should ask SiCo for help. This is not an EVE related thing but more likely on their end.

Why you posting that here?

It has nothing to do with CCP.

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Oh no…SiCo…poor Robert…

Hey, do you know a bit about SiCo (either by personal experience or word of mouth)? Are they a good newbro friendly corp, or are that just good at sending out spam? How do they stack up against other newbro corps such as Eve University, Brave Newbies, and Pandemic Horde?

Sorry God, I hope the ashes are still with the sackcloth where I left them!! Wooo :wink:

Shipwreck I am not in a position to comment - this is my first Corps.

An alliance that pads their member roll by spamming the crap out of trade hubs and training systems is one I would avoid. Sure they have a lot of members on paper, but what percentage of those are actually active? And of those active, how many are focused just on doing their own thing krabbing it up hisec style?
The ICANP fiasco (yeah, not everybody has forgotten about that yet, sorry) revealed some…“interesting” things about SiCo.

30%. I added this information on the front page of our homepage as people seemed to be curious about this. Our page can be found from here https://www.silentcoalition.com/

@Robert_Alderslade if you are still having problems with our AUTH please poke us on the IT support channel of our discord so that we can help you out :slight_smile:

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