Is it safe to "LOG IN with EVE Online" on

Thank you for updating the plugin! We have indeed updated ours to the latest version now as well :slight_smile:

Thank you for explaining this! While it all makes sense, on the other hand, there is no info about what information about me is collected by such a login. Besides, I would be more comfortable sharing my info directly with a person than sending all automatically. But nevertheless it’s good to know this ‘trick’ - thanks!

You can’t control what they want, but you see the scopes they ask for.

Log into that is what it will look like and that is a safe site to log in so you can see what it asks for.

Eveskill allows you to share standings/skills or ships you can or cannot fly, jump clone location etc. Plus until Jan 22, ccp requires users to share it when selling a character


Thank you very much! That’s a lot of very interesting information :+1:
Fly safe o7

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