(Cpt Hunters) #1

so i was looking and renting a vps and saw they a little pricey for what i want to host my corps website ect so i was looking at one to buy as a cheaper option i found this one but i dnt no jack all about servers so will this do the job of hosting a website ect or can u reccomend something that can if this cant

(Rana Ash) #2

Looking for a server specifically or a Place that will hold your website?. I Heard of this Place, not sure if it will help yah…

(Zaahz) #3

I am pretty sure it will do its job. The biggest question though is how much upload do you have on the connection you are planning on connecting it to.

10/10mbit will probably do it unless you plan on having hundreds of users and a very mediaheavy website.

(Scipio Artelius) #4

Setting up a server will give you more flexibility, but not necessarily more convenience.

If you want the flexibility that a VPS provides over shared hosting, then have you looked at Platform As A Service and Infrastructure As A Service providers?

Amazon Web Services:
Google App Engine:

There are a lot of freemium PAAS/IAAS providers around that give you far more flexibility than a shared hosting service and that start at free use for basic services.

They will also make adding things like SSL certification easier than having your own server, though there is certainly nothing wrong with having your own server if you need it.

For a Corp/Alliance website it seems like a bit of overkill to buy your own server when some of the Worlds largest companies have freely available servers for you to start off with.

Running our Alliance services on Heroku for example costs $7 per month, because I purchased an SSL certificate through Comodo and have it linked to our app.

(Cpt Hunters) #5

i have a 100mb upload and 200mb download

(Cpt Hunters) #6

im tryign to cut down costs as i cant gaurente having to pay out monthly for a service as nothign is gaurented any more i could lose my job ect so while i can afford to get my own server and i could probly turn it into a vps for others to share also who cant afford it as that one will cost me around 80 quid after all the offers are applied compared to the ones at 10-15 a month

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I moved this from GD over to Third Party Developers. You’ll probably get some better answers over here :slight_smile:

(Blacksmoke16) #8

Get a Raspberry Pi and host it yourself (if you know what you are doing).

(Althalus Stenory) #9

If you want a VPS, you also have OVH (who have VPS and also site hosting),

There are lots of solution, you’ll sadly have to dig through and find what fit best your needs.

Good luck :slight_smile:

(DahMerlin) #10

I’ve got a Raspberry PI that I have a small web server on. Works great for the 10 people that use it. That would be one option and a cheap one at that. At least till you out grow it.
I’d recommend the following approach.

  1. Find a cheap domain name service that you can point wherever you want. That way you can change your options of where you host at will. (home or a hosting service or whatever)
  2. Start with a hosting service, something cheap. There are several that are less than $5/month. The cost of that server you want to buy would pay for several years of hosting and you wouldn’t need to worry about connections, electricity, or your ISP getting mad that your running a server (they do that sometimes).
  3. Once your site starts to get busy you can evaluate better what you need in terms of processing power, database storage, bandwidth, etc… Then make a better decision about what hardware you might buy for a dedicated server.
  4. If your site starts to get too busy and your hosting fees go up then you can use the domain service from step 1 to redirect to your home or wherever to keep costs down.

The fact that you are asking this question is telling me you have little or no experience with web sites. That includes security, backups, and many other aspects that you are probably unaware of that a hosting service would provide (are you prepared for a DDOS attack?). In short save yourself the trouble and start with a hosting service!

Since the server you linked is from a UK site I’m assuming your in the UK so this might be of interest to you…
PHP5 and MySQL 5 hosting for £0.99/month.

(Petty Thief) #11

I’m using VPS City and it’s cheap, didn’t have issues . Depends if you know how to secure and manage your own server or not. If no idea, go for shared hosting, where you just manage your application, don’t have to bother about server security and updates, etc.