[SERVICE] Alliance/Corp AUTH systems,SeAT, Discord, Pathfinder and VPS Hosting

Another happy customer taken care of! We’re here to help, so feel free to contact us.

Have a large or custom order? Contact us for special pricing!

Is this service still available ? The link to the webshop gives me an sql error …

We are aware of the website issue. Yes the service is still available, please evemail me.


Im interested in this service. Please contact me to discuss.

also interested please contact.

Hey all,
Sorry I’ve been away, had RL stuff to do.
Good news is I’m back in action and ready to assist. If for some reason I accidentally miss your eve mail, please send me a PM on discord once you join it. I will
Respond asap. Thanks all!

Join out discord at https://discord.gg/KmG97hP and be sure to ask about a special deal! Also, you can evemail in game and or dm me on discord for quicker response. My discord name is “Bill Hinkley2#6759” . If I don’t respond in a timely manner discord, feel free to dm me with your question and character name in game, and I will reply as soon as I can. EVEmailing me is also good.

Well. It would appear that we are back!"!

Welcome back!!

Thank you very much. Good to be back :heart:

Lets do a sale on these services

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Uff. anyone like the store? what should change. let me know