[Service] Alliance/Corp Creation and Hauling Consultations

Hi, I’m Siegfried Cohenberg and I’m here today to tell you about two new services that I will be providing. The first being Alliance and corporation creation. With Empire control V I am able to create alliances and update corporation member limits to 2600. I’m willing to create an alliance or update corp member limits for anyone who asks. Although, please be aware that there are a few things you need to consider with regard to alliance creation:

Alliance Creation Requirements
1,000,000,000 isk is required by eve in order for an alliance to be made. This is the amount of isk that I’ll ask for to actually make the alliance
I must be ceo of the founding corporation for the alliance. Director roles are not sufficient.

With that in mind, please feel free to throw me an eve mail if you want an alliance made.

The second service that I’ll be offering is Hauling Consultations. As an experienced hauler, I’ll be able to improve anyone’s ability to haul in New Eden. You won’t be able to get the type of hauling council that I will be able to provide. Ask any hauler in Eve, and they’re be able to tell you that Siegfried Cohenberg is the man to go to for hauling consultation. Prices start at just 100m per session. Typical topics that would be covered in a session would include things such as:

Hauling Basics
Advanced Tips and Tricks
How to Avoid being Ganked
What to do when Bumped
Code and Goons; How to join

If anyone has any questions or comments, please post in the thread or throw me a mail.

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Whoever uses either service should know some things:

Your alliance will forever have a known ganker and hauler bumper in their member history.
The hauling advice will very likely be “Buy a Permit” or “Join CONDI” considering the last bullet point of his list.

You have been warned. Don’t cry about it on Reddit when things go down the drain. :wink:

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I can assure you that no one else in the game knows hauling like I do. I know what makes a freighter unsafe, and thus can tell you how to keep yours safe.

+1 for Mr. Cohenberg’s service offerings. Friendly, quick and knowledgeable service. Try him out and see for yourself.

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Pre scetch, CODE alt gives out advice on how to avoid getting ganked by CODE? Pre sure this toon is just a hauler alt for ganks.

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I know exactly what to watch out for. The knowledge that I hold is unique within the hauling industry.

Siegfried does indeed know a lot about the hauling industry. Despite what some say, he does have a lot of knowledge to share for aspiring haulers and those who are already established as small-time haulers but want to take it to the next level.

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tbh just seems like a way to scout possible new wardec targets that are stupid enough to give you info about their assets etc.

Why not just do a text wall with all your info and then offer info on routes privately etc?

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I don’t deal with wardecs. I deal in hauling.


mach bump

Omega bump

I am hear to make sure that others find out that this guy. They are a ganker. He sends messages to new players telling them that if they except duels, that THEY will help them through to different parts of Amarr space. Instead… They then assist other GANKERS attack them while they bump them and other such methods to make sure that they never reach their location. After the fact they then talk about paying them in advance for their next haul… This is a typical racket. Which is just pathetic. Best in their game… WHATEVER… “Loser” who preys on new people to the game. Once again… YOU ARE PATHETIC. I COULD DO BETTER THAN YOU WITH HALF MY FINGERS. What a TEST Wannabe.


Thats not very nice. Why would you say such mean things to me in my marketplace thread? I’m just trying to offer services to those playing the game.

Because you did what you did… Why else?

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I didnt do anything but give another pilot some hauling tips and tricks.

You Dueled a player who didn’t know any better. You said that by doing a duel you could help. When they clicked it. You tackled them and killed them… which led to their death… Would you like a copy of the kill mail?

You are are a pansy. Go on flower child… Have your fun at others expense. Might I add… I have no association to the character killed other than trying to help them in the middle of the night because they were trying to buy an Orca for the first time. I myself have no money involved in this piss ants attempt to offer a racketeer’s service to others. DO NOT DO BUSINESS. You will find you are being ripped… Alright… Moving on… This guy sucks. Note the rest of the folks above said the same. If in Amarr notice this guy… He is a sham… In this case they were in Madirmilire. If you see them dock up. Bumper Elite is the this guy.


If you’re serious about this, you should probs do up an after action of sorts with the zkill linked and some chat logs. Don’t get me wrong, I think this guy is dodge asf as well, but without evidence it won’t stick.

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I dont duel anyone. I’m not a pvper

You know, this game is kinda about tackling, exploding and even killing each other. It’s a little strange to be all outraged that some ships exploded in a game about exploding space ships.

Regardless of these murky and unfounded accusations of who challenged who to a duel, or who killed who, the fact remains New Eden is a dangerous place. Sounds like this player could use some of the OP’s consulting services to help them improve their hauling protocols and reduce the chance of shrinkage due to accidental ship explosion or piracy.

It’s dangerous out there kids, and it behooves you to do something to protect your haulage. You could do worse than hiring one of New Eden’s premier hauling experts to consult on your hauling practices and get you up to industry standards so you can ply the trade lanes successfully.

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