Service Alliance Structural Design And Conflict Resolution


I am offering a new type of service! this service is for individuals that are either CEO’s or Executor’s. Basically the services being offered include explanations on how to structure your corporation alliance to remove, or reduce problems, improve efficiency, and security.

Problems like

  • Low income rates
  • Security Issues (spies etc)
  • Internal Drama (people trying to fracture a corp)
  • Inefficient design (to much work for one or two people to do)

The Cost for all consultations are 250,000,00 million and will generally last between 30 minutes and to an hour, but may last longer. A follow up visit can be done a week or more days after the initial consultation, but if needed i am open to help when ever we line up times and are not busy.

Contact me

Do NOT use the services of this player!
He is a known liar, thief and steals from new players!

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