Commission structure for big Corps and Alliances

Been playing Eve for a long time , if tried to build and sustain a long standing corp and alliance over the years but always find that the ask was just to big and couldn’t balance Eve and real life at the same time…

How these bigger alliance leaders and ceo’s cope is beyond me…in fact I really would like to be a fly in each one of their homes. My suspicion is that most of them are having an extreme hard time …almost to the extend of ruin in some cases.

I mean is that really necessary? In my opinion these extreme citizens of eve are the real content creators and drives content for their member base , without them eve online would be a very different game with a hell of a lot fever players.So my real point …why doesn’t ccp bring in some sort of a commission structure for active omega players in an alliance or corporation . If this commission structure/real money was well balanced both ccp and the leader player base should have a win win scenario…or am I missing something ?

Just as an example if your corporation reaches an active member count of lets say over a 1000 players all with omega clones why not pay that CEO some sort of a commission or salary. The more active players you have and retain the bigger your commission. Raising that amount of players and managing them is a full time job no matter what anyone says. I recon this could be a vey good model for eve moving forward in the future.

Imagine we wake up one morning and there is a CCP headline " Now gamer’s can have a real career by playing Eve Online"

Good morning capseleers CCP are proud to anounce that for the first time in gaming history you can become a real life entrepreneur by playing Eve online. Yes thats right space citizens now you can become financial independent and support your family by becoming a CEO and running a successful corporation in Eve. For every 1000 active omega clones in your corporation we will give you 5% back of their subscription monthly fee. So if the monthly subscription fee is 10 $ and you have a 1000 active omegas in your corp you will receive 500$ back of real money.

You know how many gamer’s have not even heard of Eve Online? I have my own gaming community …at first 70 % of my member base of 200 members haven’t heard of Eve online…So now I go to every gaming site and discord I get my hands on and advertise my Eve corp in there…Guys the game is for free…you have a very real powerful way of selling Eve online to the real world.You recruit players from gaming community , you introduce them to Eve online and look after them until they convert to omegas and you achieve the magic number of active omegas in your corp …Walla you support you family by being a kick ass CEO and do something you really want to do in life.

CCP wins all the way because now they will have a hell of a lot of people routing for them all over the internet and their member base suddenly hits the ceilng in an unprecedented way.All is good in New Eden.

Ok so what about the existing huge corps and alliances…because that would be a huge chunk out of CCP’s budget. Hear me CCP these leaders have earned it and you have a moral responsibility not only for your own good but for them and their families.For too long these guys have given their blood and was left behind…CCP make it happen!

“Pay me to play your increasingly free videogame.”

Are you nuts?


Read !!! You maniac ! lolz

This is where the foley artist should add the largest most lifelife audience reaction on the laugh track.

That’s pretty well exactly what your post says.

Im not entertaining ■■■■ heads today …do you even know what the difference is between alpha and omega clones?

There should be a marketing budget …cos.Very easy to work it out.

It is very simple.

You want to be payed to play a game by its makers; a business that sells games.

This is not productive.


No I get it, it’s just not a very good idea

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That’s because most of the mega corporations are really multi-boxers, they only have a few dozen folks, the rest are alts that they slave during wars.

Its still paid acounts …

Look I dont mean to be rude but are there any real Eve players left on the forums ? think Im outa here…

I fail to correlate your hypothetical business model with the validity of our subs.

If CCP did this every sleazeball on the planet would start looking for ways to game the system to get a free paycheck with contributing anything to the community or game. Just look at the BS surrounding steam greenlight and trading cards for an example.

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You can send money to anyone you want.

Nothing prevents you from donating real money to your CEO.

If you are talking isk, the same applies. Just send them isk.
Furthermore, the CEO can pay themselves their own salary out of corp assets.

I do very much like how you say that playing EvE is preferable to having a family.

This I agree with.

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