VIP Corporations

There is no secret that most of our playerbase comes often from articles they read in the media about that major historical battle that took place in the game involving thousands of players.
And so they start in a rookie system somewhere in Eve, not knowing what to do and often having problems finding the right corporation for them, that will open the opportunity to be a part of Eve history.

This is where CCP could come to their aid and make things go more smoothly . What i think, is there should be this paid VIP Corporation membership for them to choose from the Eve store.
There they can pay a fee in $$$ and get VIP Corporation membership for different period of times .Those corporations will be by default a part of major alliances in the nullsec warfare , they cannot be kicked from the alliance , they will have default 11% NPC corp tax, they will always be able to join fleets and the members cannot be attacked by blues , they could for example give them some sort of invulnerability for that or even spawn CONCORD if needed.

Overall , it will make Eve more accessible for new players . In paying for membership , CCP could provide them also with the offer on say a new Expert Capital System with branches for supercarriers , titans and Rorquals . They will be able to attend from day one in a cool capital ship and make Eve history. Just think of the number increase of the player base .

Lmao, what?

This has got to be a troll.


dude they ( the null sec blocks) are needing man* power
dont need to pay


*or woman

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I can see that with this pandemic it can be hard for new players , but they start off with a decent offer for them.

How is this decent? It would probably cost several hundred dollars. If anything the pandemic has made it easier for new players as a older players have become more active.

Having the opportunity to achieve and be a part of something great right off the bat ?
I call this a very good deal !

Just think about it , right in the action from day one with the best of the best in the game along you and no ship discrimination.

You can spin it however you want, but the idea itself is absolute garbage.


hey, not everyone has to agree with me , after all we don’t live in a dystopian utopia.

As the worst whale death?

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well we can’t find perfection …
but who knows , maybe one day CCP will come also with some sort of AI assistant for them … no one knows what the future holds.

New players don’t need to be shuffled into Titans…

Be honest to yourself . It’s what they all aspire for when they read those stories in the media and start this game . They want to feel needed and make a difference , be in that cool big ship. If they don’t want a titan , then they are industry oriented and they want a Rorqual.

When I joined in 2011, I never said to my friends that got me playing “ooh i want a titan” i said show me what to do to help the corp.

This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever seen on this forums.

I think it has a decent chance of being implemented.


And your proposed idea is to make that feeling cheap and worthless by reducing it to just a couple of dollars for a VIP Corp subscription?

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You aren’t achieving anything. You are buying something. In fact, I think this would be immensely detrimental to the game. Some of my proudest moments in-game came when I flew frigates in a small gang in LS or when I saved up the ISK to buy a Tengu. . . I wouldn’t have had any of that if I could of just purchased that. I probably wouldn’t have stayed around if people could instantly have what I had or if I could instantly fly a Titan using my credit card.

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