[SERVICE] Hiedoo Sisters General and LP Buyback Program

Hiedoo Sisters Buyback Program

Status: OPEN
Join our discord channel —> Discord
Contracts to —> Hiedoo Sisters Inc.

Hiedoo Sisters Loyalty Points Buyback Program is specialised in Guristas Loyatly Points buyback. We offer a rate of 85 to 90% of the average ISK/LP for High Grade Crystals, Mid Grade Crystals, Gilas, and Worms, weighted by the average daily Jita market ISK volume of each. Every customer is receiving an individual sheet he can use for tracking purposes. Also, we provide input materials!

Hiedoo Sisters General Buyback Program is aimed at helping capsuleers with assets scattered all around New Eden who are looking for a convenient solution to get rid of them for a good price. Our program is primarily aimed at offering good buyback value for ships, modules and miscellaneous loot , with prices based on the pick-up location. Like for our hauling service, we have a simple yet efficient price calculation that is convenient for our customers.

High-Sec Buyback
85% Jita Buy
Minimum value: 80 million ISK

Low-Sec Buyback
80% Jita Buy
Minimum value: 100 million ISK

Null-Sec Buyback
70% Jita Buy
Minimum value: 125 million ISK

Thera Buyback
55% Jita Buy
Minimum value: 150 million ISK

Excluded from our general buyback program:*

  • Assembled ships
  • Used crystals
  • Containers
  • Ore and minerals
  • PI
  • Volume above 1 000 000 m3 for HS
  • Volume above 150 000 m3 for LS and NS

Item exchange contracts are to be setup for 4 weeks to Hiedoo Sisters Inc.

Pick-up location can only be NPC stations at the moment. We kindly ask customers to include an evepraisal link for the contract value in the description.

We also offer custom hauling services. Check our Discord for more information.

*Please note that this is list can be updated. Hiedoo Sisters reserves the right to reject contracts on certain grounds as deemed by the owners. In such a case a reason will be given.

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Stumbled upon this service as i was clearing my hangar. Got in touch,got my questions answered,set up my contracts and got them accepted all in less than 30mins. Easy and fast as it should be. Their calculator makes setting a contract up really easy. They also have a hauling service

Our buyback rates have been increased by up to 10 points. Here is the new grid:

  • High Sec: from 80% to 85% Jita buy
  • Low Sec: from 70% to 80% Jita buy
  • Null Sec: from 60% to 70% Jita buy
  • Thera: 55% Jita buy

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