[SERVICE] Market Seeding/Supply Contracts


Market runs are inconvenient - and if you find yourself in a war, they can be dangerous.

With this in mind, I would like to offer my market seeding/supply services to interested parties.

If you have a staging point for a war or a home base that you would like resupplied, I am willing to move ships/modules/ammo/etc. to your location and sell them to you.

I can either seed the market (at reasonable prices) for your corporation to take advantage of, or I can do private contracts. All I need is a list of supplies you need, and how often/in what amounts you need them.

For market seeding, no direct cost is incurred on your part. I just need locations, lists, and amounts. For direct contracts, you’ll cover the cost of your items according to the agreed upon arrangement.

Extra costs will be incurred for transport to low-sec. systems. I currently do not supply null-sec.

Contact me ingame @Martin Lockheart.

Fly safe!

Still looking for partnerships! Send me a PM ingame.