[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

(Kentaro Smith) #287

Excellent service and fast

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(Cassie Helio) #288

In light of the Burn Jita weekend (2/22 - 2/25) please make contracts to PushX with 7 days to Accept. We won’t be hauling much over the weekend and we don’t want contracts to expire. Thanks!

Good luck to all those participating in the event.

(Sinickal) #289

Another prompt and successful delivery by team Push. Thank you guys.

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(Adad Narari) #290

great service, very fast, i aprecciate u guys

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(Anika Shi) #291

Great professional and speedy service, I would highly recommend them to anyone!
Well done PushX!

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(Faydra Lynz) #292

Awesome FAST service, Rush service is the best deal!
Would HIGHLY recommend and use again!

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(Erinn Ituin) #293

Well that was quick, easy and affordable! Thank you!

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(Kir Cesarevich) #294

Quick, much quicker than I figured. Thanks!

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(Echostriker Xandros) #295

They got my stuff to me fast :smile: I put in another order today to move stuff. Definitely recommend.

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(Kristina Kalloken) #296

Five contracts of 16 jumps each, all completed within 48 hours.

Will recommend

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(Cheradenine Harper) #297

Recently became a regular customer.

Just got a 12 jump run completed in half an hour.

Nearly beat me home after ordering the stuff!

Would highly recommend.

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(Sholto Douglas) #298

Used their DST service into Thera and was delivered within 2 days, along with an eve mail with conformation of delivery which was pretty nice. Will definitely use again.

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(Sofia Maricadie) #299

Extremely helpful service and surprisingly very swift. I sent off a order and came back from an airport run and it was already delivered! was shocked! amazing stuff.

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(Eabha) #300

What a incredible service!!
Used a Rush order, not even 2hr later the order was delivered!

will use again in the near future!

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(Taliana Wolf) #301

Great service. Accepted contract quickly and had done within a couple hours. Cheers.

10/10. Highly recommended.

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(Zan Lemoyne) #302

Top-notch service every time, love these guys. AAA+

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(Cptn Zoja) #303

Used for a low sec delivery - wow. Super fast, super efficient, polite email to let me know goods had arrived (it was that fast I still hadn’t logged off!

Well done PushX. Will be back for more.

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(Bob -Belcher) #304

Fast, easy, reliable service every time - and at great rates. Their queue status pages are helpful. Shipped tens of billions in ISK and hundreds of thousands in cubic meters this week across all different load sizes without a single hiccup, and I will certainly be continuing to use them heavily. The flexibility in load volumes and collateral makes parceling out large volumes and ongoing collections so much easier. Can’t recommend PushX enough.

Thanks for the great service!

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(Skeeter Mcgee) #305

Worth the price.Way faster then you know who.

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(Harathon Antollare) #306

Great service, very fast and reasonably priced!

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