[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

Fast and good service, I’ll use this more often.

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10/10 Can only recommend!

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Helped to retrieve my asset safety stuff away from evil station campers :slight_smile: Thanks a lot, great service!

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Excellent and very fast service


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First time and 10/10 would use it again :slight_smile:

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Great service. Have used multiple times before and will absolutely do it again.

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I found my new hauling service. They are quick, well priced, and haul to low sec. PushX rocks!!

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I always forget to post, but this is a great and reliable service which I have used many times over. Also great prices for High Sec.

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10/10 confirmed

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Still yet, one of the best hauler services in game… 100/100

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10/10 - OK, these guys are amazing!! Rush really means rush. Worth every isk!!

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10/10 - First time I’ve tried it, but the service from PushX was just awesome!

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Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/r4i8cv/pushx_10_years_anniversary/

10 Years of PushX

Today marks 10 Years of PushX in Eve. 10 years of hauling all your stuff around New Eden. 10 Years of breaking gate camps, traveling pirate systems, jumping cynos, and delivering your goods.

Starting with few services, PushX has grown over the years to offer unique services such as delivery to Thera and Pochven. Also offering full hauling services for Freighters and Jump Freighters, paired with Deep Space Transport and Blockade Runner services for smaller quicker deliveries.

We also have developed many technologies to help citizens of New Eden get their goods delivered efficiently.

PushX Calculator - For determining the price of your PushX contract

MyPushX - Customer website to monitor your contracts place in line and more

PushX Twitter - Average delivery times and news

PushX Public Discord - Ask us questions anytime

PushX API - Get price quotes in your spreadsheets, programs, etc.

On behalf of all of PushX, we are honored to have grown with this community for the past 10 years. Thank you!

10 Years of Stats

Over the last 10 years we have accumulated some interesting numbers. I know y’all like numbers so here you go!

  • All time contracts: 304k
  • All time reward: 17.3 Trillion
  • All time collateral: 549.5 Trillion
  • All time volume: 68.5 Billion m3
  • All time warps/cyno jumps: 4.02 million
  • Total Unique customers: 37,491
  • Total Pushers: 1095
    • A Pusher is a hauler in PushX who has completed at least 1 contract

10 Years Discount

Starting on 11/29 at 11:29 Eve time all normal speed contracts will be 10% off until downtime on Dec. 5th!

On 11/29 at exactly 11:29, contracts submitted in this minute will receive a 100% reimbursement after the contract is delivered. Not a second before or after, only the minute of 11:29.

  • One per person.
  • Contract must be made with the normal reward. Do not put 0 reward.
  • Attempts of abuse may be denied.

- Cassie Helio, CEO

Artwork: Miyoshi Akachi


I used the Service for the First time this week! has worked really well and fast! Thanks!

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Great people to work with, speedy delivery and lots of nice members!

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Great, fast dependable service. 11/10 Would recommend

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Had to move a couple hundred Sunesis for one of my giveaways. Using their website and the procedure explained was straightforward and easy to follow. Everything went fast and no problem. :+1:

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Great Service! 10/10 would recommend and use again. Rush was done same day within a few hours.

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Сервис замечательный. Простая (не срочная) доставка - практически в течение суток. При этом - цены в полтора раза ниже, чем у фрогов. Рекомендую всем.

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  • may the good lord save, bless, and keep your souls good Christian soldiers.
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