[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

After returning to the pod after a few years of inactivity I found out that the Triglavians had siezed my home system and that it now was a part of Pochen.

The PushX Pochven → HighSec service ensured that all the darn loot i had collected over the years now is more accessible. Service was fast and everything made it to the final location in one piece!

Couln’t be more satisfied with their service.

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I rely on PushX for T1 freighting and on rare occasion for DST hauling. Never had any problems with cargos arriving within alloted timeframe or with any PushX haulers. I highly recommend PushX. Don’t just move it - Push It! Thanks always! o7

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Used PushX for the first time. Everything was smooth and fast. Thanks, will use again <3

Used PushX multiple times - they’ve always delivered!

I’ve used pushx regularly particularly for their npc nullsec jump freighter service. It’s generally fast and always arrives in one piece. It’s worth the premium. I’ve also used hisec freighter services here and there and that’s always very quick with rush orders which are still reasonably priced.

excellent service ,
I spoken to them at discord very proffesional service!

10/10 i will do pushing with them as well next time.

Thank you

Amazing service, Speed delivery was indeed speedy, made it to my timebound- destination far faster than the estimated time! Really fair prices too.

First time using this kind of service, and I will say that I was actually blown away with how quickly it was done, as well as the level of service.

10/10 will use again no hesitation for a second.

First time for me as well and I am very happy with the service. I know where to go when I need to move my stuff again.


Great and expedient service. Will be using Push for all my hauling needs.

Great service. Moved 12 consignments very quickly for me with 100% success rate and no fuss. Will definitely use them again. 10/10