[Service] Station Trading / Arbitrage Trading Class

:dollar: Audacious Entrepreneurial Businesspersons Academy :dollar:

Here’s my proof. This is the www.Eve-Mogul.com Leaderboards. I am consistently in the top 10 for daily, weekly, and monthly profits. Your name could be on the leaderboards too.

Interested in funding your PvP via Station / Arbitrage trading? My class will give you all the skills you need to make billions of ISK with minimal effort.

Put your ISK to work for you and gain finical security without having to grind out endless L4 missions or mine in the asteroid belts for hours.

Anyone can make billions of ISK in the market, and I guarantee I can teach you how to do it.

Please Convo or Eve-Mail me with any questions!

Make ISK the easy way and learn how to fund all of your Eve goals.

Take a look at my profits from yesterday.


Finished with a student yesterday, ready for another one!

If what you’re teaching is legit, good for you! Ever consider teaching an EVE Uni class? I know they love having guest speakers. However, they might think twice if you charge a fee.

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@Crimson_Draufgange What I’m teaching is legit, and I have happy customers!

I do charge a fee for my 1 on 1 course, but I would be more then willing to hold a group introductory course for the Eve Uni folks free of charge. What would be a good way to go about setting this up?

My guess would be to contact one of the EVE Uni directors. I’m not part of E UNI, so I can’t speak on their behalf. Titus Tallang looks like a point of contact judging from this wiki page. If not that, joining their public chat in-game would probably be a great idea.

Casual 1.2b yesterday.


Looks like I spoke too soon, it was a casual 1.8b profits yesterday.

I got so close to 2b two days ago, figured I might as well get it yesterday.

Hello, I am writing my review of Art and his Station Trading/Arbitrage Trading Class.

I was a hauler with about 15 billion in my pocket when I moved stuff for Art and I saw in his profile to ask him about trading. So I did and started to get the meeting scheduled. With RL stuff and hurricanes the time kept getting pushed and pushed. Never did I feel rushed to get the class started or to pay for the class before hand. I did my research on him regarding his market profit stats and the numbers shows he’s doing something right.

Before the meeting I had done some station trading and arbitrage trading with what little knowledge I had. Let me tell you, it was typically at a loss and on rare cases some profit. There were several times I was standing there in Jita with a hot potato and no where to sell it.

Art got me on the right track, I had my orders so messed up with assets all over the place. He got me back on track to clean all that up so I could start station trading after a few days.

It has been about 1 week sense my meeting with him and I do not even miss the fee for the class. I did not feel the class was rushed or scripted and get out. I still ask questions and he replies back quickly with suggestions. I believe I made a Eve friend as well out of this experience.

Now lets talk numbers, I know that’s what a person like myself would want. Yesterday i made it on the leader board for the first time and I was right behind Art.

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Below is a 7 day break down. I officially started my market trading buy/sell on 9-22. As you can see before that was me trying to clear out my assets. Today’s profits as of now is 181,950,561.73 ISK (9-27-17).

As you can see I am making the ISK back from the class compared to my failed attempt before. I was ready to give up on the Market trading as I was at a loss where/how to start exactly. Trust me I did weeks worth of youtube/internet research to try and get started but always failed.

I would definitely suggest to a friend to take this class if they have the ISK for it.

If questions please EveMail me in game and I will answer them regarding this review.

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Hello, I wanted to add one last bit. I have officially paid for half the class in less than a week. Here is my stats for today/week/month (though i have not been using Art’s instructions for a month)

I hope if anyone is curious in what Art has to offer, they can see it does work .

Been a busy week for me!

Completed: Just finished teaching two new students last night.

To do: Write a reply to @Tragik_Kafshaz that’s close to how awesome his review is.

are you still teaching new people how to trade ?


Yes absolutely, taking on new students right now.

Ok, i promise this is my last time that I show how awesome it’s been working… just this month of October so far I could take Art’s class twice.

these stats are profits only as of today. Today is Tuesday 10/10 and eve time: 04:00 (yes, I made 1.2 BILLION in two days) *opps because of eve time it should be morning of Wednesday in Eve time…



This reply is long overdue, in no small part to the students that Tragik has brought to me due to his amazing results and review of this little class here.

Tragik’s ideas about trading fit right in with almost all of the Capsuleers that want to try out making a fortune in the market. He had damn near the right idea to begin with, but his compass was just slightly off. But once the fog of war was cleared, he caught right on to it, as his Eve-Mogul page shows.

Not only was I able to give a fellow Capsuleer the tools to become financially self sufficient, I gained a new friend. Tragik and I Eve-Mail or convo on almost a daily basis, and to be honest, that is worth far more then the course fee to me.

A good portion of the reason I started this course is because I wanted to reach out and get to know more people in the Eve universe, Eve is Real and all that. And I really have accomplished that with Tragik.

Tragik and I have tossed around a few ideas for a space business that, while yes profitable, but more importantly, just doing fun space things in space with cool space dudes.

To Tragik, thank you for taking a chance with me. I promote trading as an income by saying the results are almost unbelievable, and that holds true when I see how well you are doing with it. Also, thanks for being a cool space dude and doing cool space dude things with me.

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Have a gander at my profits from yesterday. You can check theEve-Mogul Leaderboard or just look at the pic below.

I have one student scheduled for Wednesday. Eve-Mail or Convo to schedule your course.

would be interested in sitting in on one of these classes : )


Is this THE Rita Jita?!