EVE "how to scam" content

Disclaimer: In this post I advertise myself (my content). I do not intend to get anything / I do not make money, it is my hobby and I am learning. I actually spend money ISK and £ to do what I do just to ensure I get better at it for my personal reasons. Thanks to those who want to read further.

Hey guys,

One of my viewers suggested I could write a post here, maybe anyone would be interested in what I do.

As a hobby I am learning to create content and have done few videos about EVE - neither PVE or PVP, I wanted to try something new and as a core category went for Scam Testing.

Basically, some of the not most obvious scams which are going to scam other players for billions I have purposely followed, actually loosing billions and made interviews with guys, asking their monthly income, some strategies & more. I did things for real and this is what I hope is interesting.

If you feel like you may need my videos for new Alphas in your corp or just want to watch yourself, my YouTube channel is

Overall there is more content in actual videos and channel itself, and wider channel idea is about money - I am working on creating ultimate Station Trading guide to explain how I earn money for the videos.

Also, I am learning to stream, since it gives much better and faster feedback on the content I create. You are welcome to join streams if you want to ask any questions on station trading or just see what I do - I am not asking any donations and likes are also not the purpose despite a nice thing for me; my pure motivation is to learn creating content and interact socially via streams and I started with EVE as the game I hope I have USP for.

Thanks for reading & watching, hope you liked it.



Good. Scamming is part of what makes EvE EvE. Caveat Emptor.

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