Making money in EVE Online: the general picture for new players

I made a guide for new players giving insight into most general professions and their paths of specialization (to an extent)

i hope you enjoy and i have posted this to here and reddit to get feedback form as many as i can to give new players the best generalized view as possible!

IF YOU ARE NEW, DO NOT DO ALL OF THE STUFF IN THIS VIDEO FOREVER, try them all but stick to the one you like the most, eve isnt the best game to generalize in, specialization in eve is key to happiness and enjoyable gameplay, because you can streamline your skills and get the best at something to your best ability withought worrying about money or a bunch of unessisary skills for your profession :slight_smile:

thanks to anyone who provides extra information to the best of your ability :smiley:


I don’t know much about making videos or how much work and time is required. However I think it’s probably better if the video’s are short and informative.

Maybe split this one up into a series of different videos. Like your thread title, have the first video just be a generalized overview with a brief description of the various ways to make ISK without actually going into detail. Then have each subsequent video be focused on a specific ISK path with more detailed info.

Anyway, +1 for taking the time to create a guide for New Players.


yea i rambled on for a while XD thanks for the plus 1 tho :smiley:


+1 for video creation, colorful language :blush: and the timestamps.


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