SCAM ALERT! Couriers

How do i access the scam channel? I was told there is one. I want to be a scammer. Can someone teach me how or send some videos

I can teach you how to be a Scammer but I require payment of 1 billion isk in advance.


Any actual ANSWER?

you actually expect people who do this to let you into their secrets so you can then make their profits smaller

I will let you into the scam channel, but yes, you are going to pay me. I’m not handing out any freebies. It’s not hard to understand the rules.

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This is probably as close as you are going to get to an actual answer. To be fair none of that is very sophisticated.

Cue op setting up 20 fresh jita scams that everyone ignores while he sits there feeling clever.


I mean scam has been implemented as a mechanic. Set up overpriced hypernet offers and bid on half of the nodes, mathematically you’ll make a profit if you set up enough of them. Pretty sure hypernet exists only to replace tradional scam.

Prime offer just here just for you! Send me 500 million ISK and I double it right away along with a scammer guide that will get you started, this way you won’t only get the know how but will get 500 mil ISK for free once I’ve doubled your ISK to have the funds to start your scamming empire. Best deal you’ll ever get. :wink:


Biggest scams in game are the investment ones look up easy invest in forum to see example. Dude made like 630 bill isk from that. Your next scam type of lieing so that’s the jita people that claim to sell 500plex for 1bill but it’s only 1plex in the contract. Another type is hypernet scams where u can make the hypernet so that if all the nodes get sold u make money. Another way of scamming is making a fake safety Corp and offer merc/safety to smaller corps then when they send u the isk just don’t help them. Or the last one is just act like a new player and hope that other older players send u money to help get u started. There are others but these are the main ways but basically anyway that u can convince someone to send u money first is an option for a scam.

Wow ! An admirable career. I can only hold you in the highest respect. My 8 months in Eve have left me with just 13 ISK and a Velator. I am SO poor. Someone as admirable as yourself surely has a few million ISK to help me before I get evicted from even the NPC stations for being too shabby.

Send me 10b and I will teach you

If you send 100mil isk to my account I will tell you everything I know about scamming.

…even if it’s literally nothing. :wink:


Only a few million?

Send me that 13isk and I’ll triple it.

Yes im going there :laughing:

Send me 1b and I’ll teach you.

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Step 1: Find an idiot.
Step 2: Promise the idiot he can have more ISK in the future if he gives you a smaller quantity of ISK now.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit.

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Why be a terrible person who scams fellow capsuleers when you can be a generous someone who gives stuff for free to people in need… sell cheap 1 mil Geckos and double people’s ISK in Jita local. :wink: :smirk:

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